Extended Schools Payment Policy


To enable the Breakfast Club and After School Club to be sustainable, payment needs to be made by those using the club.


The Breakfast Club and After School Club will only be sustainable if enough money is generated by those using it to sustain ongoing operating costs.

Aims and Objectives

To ensure the sustainability of the Breakfast Club and After School Club.

To ensure that there is the correct level of adult support for those attending.

School Practice

Money to be paid in advance - weekly, monthly, or termly on the first day of attendance.  An invoice will be sent to parents at the beginning of each term.

If, at the end of the second week there is still no payment and no explanation or arrangement made to pay, then children will not be able to attend. Special arrangements may be made with the Extended Schools Manager where there is deemed to be any special need or circumstances such as financial hardship.

A refundable deposit of £50.00 per family will be charged. This will be held on your account until you child leaves the club.

An administration fee of £10.00 per child will be charged per school year. Further administration fees may be applied if payments are not received on time resulting in costly and time consuming administration.

If a place has been booked in either Club and the child does not attend, payment must still be made unless your child is unwell. This is the only exception and all other booked sessions must be paid for.  If you require authorised holiday in term time we will charge half the usual cost but please inform the Extended Schools Manager directly in all circumstances.

All children should be collected from the After School Club by 6.00pm. A late penalty fee of £15.00 per 15 minute period, or part thereof, will be charged for late collection.

Monitoring and Review

The person responsible for the Extended Schools Manager will monitor and review payments each week and will be responsible for contacting parents when there are any problems.  The Manager will then discuss this with the Headteacher and a decision will be made.

It is the responsibility of the governing body to agree, review and monitor the payment policy as and when necessary.

September 2013

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