Year 3 and 4 in team building fun!

challenger troop Sept2017All children in Years 3 and 4 are starting their new term enjoying some outdoor activities with their class and teacher with the Challenger Troop on the 7th and 8th September 2017. The Challenger Troop team visit us each year and provide an exciting range of challenges to encourage our children to get to know each other, develop their communication skills and challenge themselves by completing an Obstacle course. This year children are doing the Card Relay, Human Minefield, Tyres and Planks and the Challenger Obstacle course.

This visit introduces Year 3 children to our core school values of Independence, Respect and Creativity. The activities encourage their independence and the way they communicate with their peers and staff. Participating develops the children’s ability to think round problems and come up with solutions to nurture their creative thinking skills.

For Year 4 pupils having already participated the previous year, we see their confidence and resilience shine as they help their younger peers in Year 3 take part, encourage them and cheer each other on as they complete the Challenger Obstacle course which stretches the children physically and mentally. Our favourite part is when the teachers races against each other to complete the challenge.  What a fantastic way to start the school term!

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