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Update 28th September 2018:

Today a group of year 4 and 5 where given the opportunity to work with arts practitioners from The Gulbenkian Arts Centre. The workshop, which involved many creative and performing arts activities, was an introduction to the Gulbenkians ART(Y)31 project. This is a new programme for children aged 8 to 12 to challenge ideas and ignite change in the arts. ART(Y)31 is part of a wider ART31 project which takes its name from Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, which states that ‘Children have the right to relax to play, and to join in a wide range of cultural, artistic and other recreational activities.’

PA1   PA2   PA3

The day’s activities involved the children planting a seed to make our ‘arts tree’ grow, which explored all the various forms of ‘The Arts’. Children were then able to create leaves to hang on the tree to showcase all the different activities they already take part in. Finally, by creating bugs for the tree, all the barriers to children taking part in the arts where highlighted and ‘wishes’ were created by the children in the form of flowers growing on our tree.

The workshop was enjoyed by all and many children will now go on to partake in the project run at the theatre on a Wednesday’s.

Street Dance Competition

Dance23May18bAs part of our annual Arts Week, St. Stephen’s Junior School hosted a Street Dance Competition in partnership with Kent School Games and Impact Dance School. This was the first sports event that has involved the discipline of dance and involved many local primary schools who had the opportunity to compete as soloists and represent their school as part of a dance team. St. Stephen’s had a successful day with Lara Pywell being awarded second place in the solo’s and our street dance team coming in first place. In addition, our team was awarded the Best Dressed trophy for the event.

March 2018 brings music and dance

On Tuesday 20th March 135 of our Junior School children performed in our annual music and dance showcase at the Gulbenkian Theatre. They were accompanied by some very talented children from the Infants School too! The evening was a celebration of all the fantastic work the children have put into their performing arts groups this term and was a huge success enjoyed by all.

Congratulations to all the children who performed, we think you are all superstars!  You were a real credit to yourselves and to our school.

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Street Dance Competition

Dancers from Year 5 have been rehearsing alongside ‘Impact’ in preparation for a Street Dance Competition that will be hosted here at St. Stephen's Junior School in May. Fifteen children have been selected and are enjoying their weekly sessions in a new dance style. Details about the competition will be released nearer the event...stay tuned!

DSCF7125   DSCF7126   DSCF7153

The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment Carol Service

On Wednesday 6th December the Upper School Choir were once again honoured to take part in this fantastic event and create some lovely, long lasting memories in Canterbury Cathedral. The Service was a great success and the children should be very proud of themselves for all their hard work in the lead up to the event.

Thank you to the ‘tigers’ for having us again this year, it is always a pleasure to perform for such a great cause.

CathedralDec17 1       CathedralDec17 5
CathedralDec17 6     CathedralDec17 7

St. Nicholas Day Parade 9th December

We were once again thrilled to take part in this year’s St. Nicholas Day Parade. Both our school Drumming Group and Lower School Choir took part in the parade this year. The children had great fun making music at this fantastic community event and have made some great memories. Well done to all the children who have worked so hard this term in preparation for the event.

StNicDec17a   StNicDec17b   St Nicholas
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