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The History curriculum will allow pupils to gain a sound understanding of the chronology of British history and the process of change. In the upper key stage, children will be able to explain how specific events had a large impact on society. The curriculum has been designed so that pupils are able to progress not only in their historical knowledge but also in their ability to interpret historical sources, understand cause and effect and the lasting impact of historical events whilst developing their ability to ask questions and make deductions from information. The curriculum has been planned chronologically so that pupils are able to gain an understanding of the historical timeline and context of the area studied. Answering a key question throughout each topic, will ensure that pupils are able to build on historical concepts and knowledge, gaining an overall understanding of the area studied.

Each unit is introduced through a key overarching question that pupils will answer throughout the unit. The aim is to build on previous learning whilst developing key historical skills.


The curriculum has been constructed around a variety of skills. The areas of progression include: chronology, periods and features, interpretations, cause and effect, historical enquiry and communication. The areas of progression have been carefully crafted to ensure that pupils have a wealth of historical skills at their disposal. 

E.G. Progression in interpretation:


The teaching of the history curriculum will be assessed against a success criteria each lesson to demonstrate the pupils progress. Throughout the unit, children are assessed against an overarching question based on their learning demonstrated through a variety of outcomes this may include: a mind map, Venn diagrams and using different scales. The depth at which pupils can answer the key question is addressed in the progression of communication document.


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