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At St. Stephen’s we believe maths should be FUN FUN FUN! On this page we aim to help you support your child with maths at St. Stephen’s. You will find resources and links to websites at the bottom of this page. Check regularly for new updates. We hope you take the opportunity to visit them.

2017 / 2018

WHOLE SCHOOL -  Maths Targets
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Schofield and Sims

We are using Schofield and Sims mental arithmetic books regularly in school. They provide a valuable opportunity for children to practise a wide range of mathematical skills and help to highlight areas of weakness to teachers.

schfield2    The books contain a rich variety of mathematical language and expose children to problems worded in different ways.

More information and examples can be found on their website: http://www.schofieldandsims.co.uk/mental-arithmetic

Grand Master of Multiplication

Our Grand Master of Multiplication tests are used each term to track how well children are progressing with their times tables knowledge. Levels 1 – 11 have 20 questions each whilst level 12 has 40 questions. Children are given 2 minutes to complete the test. At least once each term children will be tested and can try to achieve the next level (and get the next badge!).

Tests will not be handed out for children to learn as they can learn what answers go where without learning their tables! If you would like to support your child reaching the next level this LIST shows what is contained in each level.


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