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End of year message - 22nd July 2019

As I was watching the final production of the Year 6 production of Hairspray on Friday night, the 19th July, I realised what an incredible privilege it is to be the Headteacher of such a fantastic school. Not just because of the great children and parents, their creativity, determination, resilience and drive, nor because we had put on a play with over 100 children in our local theatre, but because of how absolutely marvellous it was that our teachers and children had chosen a contentious musical, not a mainstream choice, with some little known songs and some challenging dance routines. Not only was it a success but it engaged all the children in a real project, understanding and overcoming racism. It was truly magical watching all the children supporting encouraging and engaging in such a professional way.

As you come to the end of term and the end of yet another school year you look back and wonder at how quickly the time has gone; you realise how much all of the children have grown and how much more capable they’ve become. It’s rewarding to see their independence, their resilience, their determination and commitment to the task that they do, the friends that they make and the way that they approach life. Each year we look especially at our Year 6 children as they are moving on to secondary school and  realise what an exciting journey they have ahead of them, the talent and the skills that they have. We have seen these children at PGL, sports day, the  swimming gala, summer fete, school trips and the Year 6 production of Hairspray. They are talented, articulate, confident and at ease with each other and themselves. This year has been a very special Year 6 in the way that they’ve cared for each other, the way they’ve supported each other, the way that they have helped each other to grow and make that journey. These children are going onto many different secondary schools and we wish them every success and happiness in all that they do in the future.

At the end of the year many parents tell me what a great, amazing, fantastic school this is and in all honesty I can only agree – this is a fantastic school with fantastic staff – we are all teachers; whether we are employed in the office, in the classroom, in the kitchen, around the school, or in the after-school club or nursery - dinner ladies, cleaners, cooks and site staff , we all make that invaluable contribution to children’s learning….this really is the Greatest Show….

Finally I’m often asked what advice I would give to children or to anyone if I could only speak one sentence. Without any doubt I would say; make the most of any and every opportunity, don’t look back, always look forward and most of all appreciate every experience; the good ones certainly but also those that challenge or take you out of your comfort zone. 

Enjoy your summer break.

Stuart Pywell (Executive Headteacher)

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