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Roald Dahl Day

Roald Dahl Day Roald Dahl day has arrived!!

Children (and staff) eagerly dressed for the occasion, with many donning costumes showcasing some of the extraordinary characters in Roald Dahl's masterpieces. The enthusiasm on display was contagious with the children inspiring us to want to read every single one of the Roald Dahl books just to delve deeper into his fantastic imagination and creativity.

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A Year 5 Bushcraft Adventure

On Saturday, the 19th September 2015, Year 5 children set out on an exciting adventure to a not-so-secret location close to The Great Water at Leeds Castle. That location was the Bushcraft encampment where the children were to spend the greater part of the next two days participating in all sorts of amazing activities.

With a weekend of beautifully warm sunny weather, albeit with a rather chilly night in between, all children were given the opportunity to learn about making fire, cooking their food, building shelters, making traps and even practicisng camouflage and concealment techniques. Children were given the choice of spending the night in their shelters or in the tents provided for them, and we're proud to say many opted to spend the evening in their creatively constructed shelters.

So successful and warm were the shelters constructed by the children that while the teaching staff spent a very cold night in their own respective tents, a rather unpleasant experience judging from their tired faces in the morning, those children opting to sleep in their shelters all woke up the next morning bright-eyed and cheery from having slept in comfort. Perhaps next time the teachers will follow the example of the children!

The food was tasty, the facilities well prepared, and children remained excited and enthusiastic all throughout the weekend making the excursion a great success. Well done everyone!

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