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Sports Day and a triumph for house Hales

A sunny and warm Tuesday on the 18th July saw children from St. Stephen's Junior battle it out on the school field while competing for their respective houses in our annual sports day competition. Families were invited to attend in support of their children and by 11am the grounds were full of children and adults, and screams of encouragement as children competed in the many various events scattered around the fields. Read more about it on our Sport and PE page.

Sports Day 18July2017 12   Sports Day 18July2017 11   Sports Day 18July2017 23

A cheery Summer Fair

Last week Friday St. Stephen's Junior welcomed families and friends to our yearly Summer Fair. Visitors and guests were initially entertained by some creatively choreographed dance moves with each class performing a dance routine of their own in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The Fair held a little of something for everyone, and there was a bouncing castle, fun rides, various raffles and other fun and delightful goodies and treats on sale, not forgetting the deliciously tempting burgers for the hungry at heart.

Summer Fair July2017 6   Summer Fair July2017 4   Summer Fair July2017 3

Hosting lunch for our wonderful local community

CommunityLunch6July2017 1The 6th July saw us host yet another successful lunch for esteemed members of our local community. It was no ordinary event and followed with a little musical entertainment from our school choir, and solo instrumentals by talented children.

Special thanks to our guests for visiting with us, and amazing school council and excellent catering staff in our kitchen for serving up such excellent treats.

Beauty and the Beast leaps into our hearts

Wow! What a fantastic show! Congratulations to our brilliant Year 6 children for a thoroughly spellbinding performance of Beauty and the Beast! The level of talent and dedication from pupils was clear to see and the audience were utterly delighted on both evenings of the performance last week.

  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-1
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-10
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-11
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-12
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-13
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-14
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-15
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-16
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-17
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-18
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-19
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-2
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-20
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-21
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-22
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-23
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-24
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-25
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-26
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-28
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-29
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-3
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-30
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-31
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-32
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-33
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-34
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-4
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-5
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-6
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-7
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-8
  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-2017-9
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Head Teacher: Mr. Stuart Pywell Address: Hales Drive, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7AD Tel: 01227 464119 Fax: 01227 780855 Email: admin@ststephensjuniorschool.co.uk
 St. Stephen's Junior School is the operating name of St. Stephen's Academy, Canterbury - A company limited by guarantee registered in England no. 07441370
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